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When the blockbuster "Back to the Future" was created in 1984, a young engineer founded a company in Wiesbaden that saw the world with different eyes – without a time machine, but with image processing systems that we have encountered daily for the past 35 years, often without even realizing it.

Under the motto, "Made here, meant for everyone – from Germany to the world. Since 1984.", VITRONIC launched its 35-year campaign on March 3rd, 2020 at its headquarters in Wiesbaden's Hasengarten Street with a big anniversary celebration.

Founder Norbert Stein used this opportunity to hand over his duties as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the global company to the next generation, Daniel Scholz-Stein. With immediate effect, Scholz-Stein forms the management board together with Dr. Heiko Frohn (Chief Technology Officer), Matthias Pörner (Chief Financial Officer), Norbert Stein, Birgitt Stein, Gerhard Bär (Chief Operating Officer) and Reinhard Koy-Oberthür.

For 35 years, VITRONIC has been inventing and producing industrial image processing systems that not only enrich everyday life, but also make it smarter. For example, VITRONIC technology not only inspects the welding seams in automobile production but also ensures that the mail arrives where it is supposed to by quickly scanning parcels. VITRONIC technology also inspects the clean processing of pharmaceutical and medical technology products (e.g. insulin pens) as well as checking the statutory speed on the roads of the world and much more.

With 1,000 employees in 24 countries worldwide, the 1984 start-up has developed under its own momentum into a "hidden champion" within the technology industry. In 2018 alone, with a turnover of 140 million euros, the company has invested more than 12 million euros in research and development and thus continues to set standards in its industry.

In the 2020 anniversary year, selected events will be supported and hosted by VITRONIC at the Wiesbaden location in order to also thank the people in the region for their support.

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35th anniversary event and generation handover

Who are the machine vision people?

Next Generation Management

Matthias Pörner (CFO)
Daniel Scholz-Stein (CEO)
Dr. Heiko Frohn (CTO)
(from left to right)

Management Team

Gerhard Bär
Daniel Scholz-Stein
Dr. Norbert Stein
Dr. Reinhard Koy-Oberthür
Dr. Heiko Frohn
Matthias Pörner
(from left to right)

Management Board

Dr. Norbert Stein (Managing Partner), Gerhard Bär, Dr. Heiko Frohn, Birgitt Stein, Matthias Pörner, Daniel Scholz-Stein

Traffic Engineering

VITRONIC has developed from a pioneer in laser-based vehicle detection to one of the leading companies in the areas of traffic monitoring and toll collection. Today, these innovative solutions can be found all over the world and ensure greater traffic safety on the roads.

Systems such as the ENFORCEMENT TRAILER (left in picture) have been further developed and made even smarter in close dialogue with our customers. They can now monitor speed in places such as construction sites and schools where this was previously difficult to do. They can also collect traffic and environmental data, which can be used to control the flow of traffic. With this contribution to a Smart City concept, VITRONIC provides important building blocks for sustainable traffic management.

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Industrial Automation

With the increasingly complex requirements of modern industry, the machine vision solutions from VITRONIC make an important contribution to the assurance and improvement of quality. Here, VITRONIC is strong in three key industries. In automotive manufacturing, the inspection systems not only identify the smallest defects. They also provide valuable data for quality and process optimization, an important basis in the trend towards the digital factory.

The pharmaceutical industry and medical technology place high demands on products and processes. The optical systems help to meet the strict legal guidelines. With one goal: patient safety.

In the photovoltaic industry, automatic image processing systems are used by the world's largest producers and thus help to promote the expansion of renewable energy.

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Logistics Automation

VITRONIC Auto-ID solutions ensure that parcels and packages arrive at the recipient on time and safely. The systems record shipment information such as barcodes, addresses, volume and weight fully automatically at the highest conveyor speeds.

The industry is characterized by the rapidly growing online trade. Same-day delivery, real-time shipment tracking and delivery on demand are already a reality today. All this is only possible thanks to a lean and agile logistics chain. The data collected with VITRONIC systems help to make shipments visible and to optimize the processes of the globally operating parcel service providers.

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Facts and Numbers

Corporate headquarters:

Hasengartenstraße 14, Wiesbaden, Germany

Development and production sites:

Wiesbaden, Deutschland

Production volume in 2018:

140 million €

Group equity in 2018:

61 million €

Investment in research and development in 2018:

over 12 million €